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Holiday Gift Guide

Every girl loves scrunchies, and you just found the highest quality in the market. Click here to read more about how they're made, and the love that goes into each and every one of them. We put together the ultimate gift guide for you to help guide you through this holiday season. Keep reading to learn what scrunchies would be best for all of your friends this Christmas.

1. For your friends with medium to thin hair:

In our Winter Wonderland collection, we have a variety of different scrunchies for all kinds of hair types (some of which are better for thin hair than others). Here are 3 of the best scrunchies for fine hair that your friends will absolutely love.

  • The Parker Scrunchie - This scrunchie is a delicate emerald green scrunchie with a slight ribbed texture. Because the fabric is more thin than others, it holds thin hair really well without being overwhelming with excess volume. 
  • The James Scrunchie - The James scrunchie is a thin waffle knit fabric and one of our best sellers. This fabric is loved by so many because of it's fun texture and strong hold to any hairstyle. It's icy blue color adds some life to a neutral outfit and is only available this Christmas season!
  • The Andi Scrunchie - This scrunchie is identical to the James scrunchie, but a rich cranberry color. This is the last scrunchie in the winter wonderland line that is optimal for fine hair, and has been a best-seller this launch.


2. For your friends with medium to thick hair

Let's face it, finding a hair accessory that actually holds up one's thick hair and keeps it looking good all day is a real struggle. On top of thick hair volume, there's the weight which seems to drag you up-do down to a saggy hairstyle that no one wanted. We've got you and you thick haired friends covered. Keep reading to hear about our scrunchies designed specifically for thick hair, add to cart, and you life is about to get a whole lot easier.

  • The Aria, Kimber, and Eva Scrunchies - These three are the dream team of scrunchies. They complete a set in of themselves and are perfect for thick hair. They are all made of a cotton knit that feels so soft and comfortable both in the hair, and on the wrist. Click here to shop 
  • The Lenny Scrunchie - This scrunchie is a classic. It's perfect for all occasions, can be dressed up or down, and works like a dream for holding up thick hair
  • The Nala Scrunchie - This scrunchie is the epitome of the perfect accessory for thick hair. No joke. All of our customers have been blown away by the quality, the feel, and the beauty of this scrunchie. This scrunchie as well as the Arwin and Robin all hold thick hair perfectly and are exactly what you're looking for.